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Foreign Company


Before siging up for RuStore Console, please read legal documents.

  1. Open RuStore Console.

  2. Click Sign up.

  1. Select Legal entity.

Please note that currently a foreign company can sign up as a legal entity only.


The Crypto Pro plug-in is only required for Russian companies.

  1. Click Sign in with VK ID.
  1. Enter the phone number linked to your VK ID or create a new account. You can use international phone numbers to create an account.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Click Sign up.


Please note that you can only link one company to one account. If a company account has already been created by another employee, please contact them to add your account to the company account.

  1. Click Continue.

  1. Then fill in all the required fields.
  • The trade name is the name the RuStore and the users will see. Please enter a name that is familiar to your users, or the one you use for promotion. This will help users easily discover you on the RuStore catalog.

We may ask you to verify your rights to the specified trade name. You are not required to have your rights legally registered, however, in this case, we will ask you to ensure that the use of this trade name does not violate the rights of third parties.

  • The legal name is your company name, which is indicated in its constituent documents. Please be careful when filling out this field, as we will check whether this name corresponds to the one specified in the documents you provided.
  • When filling in the Contact person section, specify the up-to-date contact details so that we can get back to you quickly whenever so required.
  • The Phone Number and Email sections are intended for internal communications with RuStore and will not be visible to users. Please enter the international phone number in the Representative number field.
  • Make sure that the Tax or registration number field matches the information in your constituent documents.
  1. In the Documents section, attach all the required documents in English or in Russian:

Please provide certified translation of your company documents. The Link to your app in other stores is a mandatory field. If your app has not been published in other stores yet, you can attach a link to an official website where your app is posted.

  • company establishment documents that confirm that the company is registered within the corresponding jurisdiction, for example: business license, Charter certified by a government agency, certificate of registration, and others.
  • documents confirming partner representative's authority to sign up on the RuStore, e.g. power of attorney, appointment letter, Charter, etc. Please make sure that the representative’s details correspond to the contact person specified in the section above;
  • partner’s domain name/trademark/logo registration certificate, for example: registration certificate, license agreement, copyright holder permission, etc. If there are no registered rights, you must provide a letter confirming the absence of logo, domain name, trademarks infringement and unregistered rights letter of guarantee.

Please attach certified translations into English or Russian

  1. Click Submit a request for app review. Your request will be reviewed and approved by a moderator.

Please make sure that your sign-up request meets the RuStore Guidelines. Otherwise we will notify you via email of your request status.